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Don't Leave Your Family at Risk!

There has never been a better time to get a plan in place. 

The news is full of headlines about people rushing to get a will done. From fear. And people are feeding on that fear. There is nothing to be afraid of.

A will might be exactly what you need. But it might not be.

  • Have kids?
  • Have a home?
  • Have "interesting" family dynamics?
  • Want to avoid court?
  • Want to keep your money and property where it belongs? (And not lose it to the government?)

You can't afford to just "get a will" without knowing how things really work. You'll be throwing your money away.

Instead, make informed choices and learn how to put a plan in place that will actually work when you need it most. We teach you what you need to know in our FREE live webinar, Don't Leave Your Family at Risk!

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What You'll Learn

It's a ton!

The 3 Goals of Estate Planning

Do you know what estate planning is meant to accomplish? There are generally three goals. We'll learn about them in the webinar. (And a simple will doesn't accomplish them all!)

The 3 Ways Most People Plan

"I need a will," says everybody. But there are other options, too. We'll learn about the 3 ways most people plan for their incapacity or death. (A will is just one of them.)

The 3 Things Every Plan Should Have

Whether you use a will or another approach, every plan should have provisions for three things that affect almost everybody. We'll learn about them in the webinar.

Is It Too Late?

Unfortunately, sometimes it's too late to plan. We'll learn when it's too late, and what you can do to make sure you always have a plan in place that will actually work when you need it.

I've Heard That . . .

Sometimes the things we hear are just plain wrong. We'll learn about how some well known "common wisdom" is actually a recipe for disaster for your family.

Answers to Your Questions

You may have some things that you have specific questions about. We'll take a few minutes at the end of the webinar to answer YOUR specific questions.

Learn from

John Anderson, Esquire

The Esquire is fun! He'll teach you through the stories he tells what you need to know about getting a plan in place for YOUR family so you can keep your kids safe and your money, your assets, and your legacy where they belong—with YOU and YOUR loved ones.

A lawyer, author, and sought after speaker, the Esquire makes complicated concepts easy and entertains all along the way.

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