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doesn't have to be a hassle

Estate planning and probate don't have to be messy or expensive. In fact, done right, estate planning will save you a LOT of time and a LOT of money, and probate can be simple (and often entirely avoided).

The magic is in matching your situation and goals with the options that no one has ever told you about.

You don't know what you don't know, and that is costing you a fortune! 

The whole process can be simple and seamless. And that's what we achieve for our clients every day.

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Our simple process makes estate planning easy.

Here, business as usual is far from usual.

We have a proven system focused on communication, education, and follow up, so that your plan will actually work when it's needed most.

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Communication. Education. Follow Up.

So you can make smart, informed choices.

Start with Relationship

It's not about the big picture. Or the details. It's about both.

We take the time to get to know you. Figure out your real goals.

Because then we can actually help you accomplish your goals instead of just going through the motions.

Spend Time on Education

Too often, people make emotional decisions based on what they've seen in the media—tv, movies, and the internet. And that leads to ruin.

We teach you how things really work. Because then you can make smart, informed decisions that will actually get you somewhere.

Usually faster and for less money.

No Hourly Billing. Ever.

Flat-fee billing up front helps you know exactly what to expect. No surprises. You can plan and budget for what you really need to accomplish.

And then down the line, when you have a question or an issue comes up, you just call or email. And you don't get a bill for that.

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Our Services

Estate Planning

Set up a plan for what happens when something happens to you. Avoid court. Avoid conflict. Make your wishes known.

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Take care of all that is required when someone has died. Get appointed as personal representative. Meet legal requirements. Distribute assets to lawful heirs.

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Long-Term Care (Medicaid) Planning

Set up a plan to be eligible for long-term care government benefits while preserving as many assets as possible.

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Why Use Plan Smart?

For most people, 100% of what they know about wills, trusts, probate, and estates they've learned from television and the movies. And most of that is just plain wrong.

This leads to common practice, which looks like this: You call a lawyer and say, "I need a will." The lawyer says, "I can help you with that," gets some basic information, and plugs that information into a template. You sign it and say to yourself, "Check! I'm done."

Years later (sometimes many years), you become incapacitated or you die and your loved ones are left to deal with a hassle and a mess. Why? Because everyone involved missed the education piece.

"Common practice" is not the same as "best practice," or "good sense." Both best practice and good sense require education, and that's sorely lacking in the legal community.

Not here. If there is anything that Plan Smart stands for, it's education so that you can actually plan smart. We don't do anything until (1) we know your situation and goals, and (2) you know your options and how they work. Then, and only then, we can design a plan together that will actually work.


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